Bakul attar

Place of Origin: Bakul attar is extracted from the flowers of Bakula Tree. The bakula tree is a native of the western coast of India. Bakula tree has a myriad of health benefits of which the natives of India are very well aware. The attar extracted from the bakul flower has the characteristic fragrance which is a mixture of soft and sweet. It is light yellowish in colour and is quite volatile in nature.

Kewra Attar

Kewra Attar is produced from the flower of the Pandanus odoratissimus plant. This plant is native to South Asia and Australia. It has antioxidant properties that help to fight Cancer.

Black Oud Attar

Black oud is so expensive is because oud is rarely obtained. It is found in less than 2% of wild agarwood trees. Specialists guarantee that the best Oud originates from the most established trees, which are considerably more difficult to find.

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